Can I change my order?

For new orders, modifications or cancellations will be accepted before the goods are slated to ship from WA State Warehouse Facility, which typically happens 2-3 business days from order placement. Cancellation after an order has shipped will be subject to our return policy.  Any delay is not to be considered a legitimate reason for order cancellation or for any type of compensation and/or indemnity.

What should I do if my credit card has been refused when placing an order?

Check that all the details you have entered on the checkout page are correct. If it is refused after that, try another credit card. Contact us if you feel that your card is being refused due to our error. In some cases we may recommend that you contact your credit card company to get the issue resolved.

Do you offer a trade or volume discount?

At SEED Design we take pride in our special Trade offerings to partners in the industries, such as designers, architects and contractors, and such. Please contact us at info@SeedDesignUSA.com with your trade credentials to get approved for a Trade Account with our company or submit your application at “To The Trade.”

What payment options do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Paypal.

Do you charge sales tax?

We do not charge Sales Tax for orders shipping out of WA State, and for orders within WA State, sales tax can be waived if you provide us with a Resale Certificate SEED Design USA is not responsible for individual states’ sales tax reporting laws thus we encourage you to check your state’s regulations to make sure you are compliant with all applicable taxes regulations.

What if I live in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands?

For these locations, additional shipping fees apply. Our Customer Service team will provide you information on any applicable fees so that you have a chance to review and confirm it before your order is considered final. Do note that you are also welcome to book your own shipments, contact us for more information.

Will you ship to my PO Box?

Unfortunately, we cannot ship to PO Boxes or Military APOs.

What if I need to ship to multiple addresses?

Please submit separate Purchase Orders with their respective Shipping Information listed for orders shipping to different locations.

I see something I like on the SEED Design International Site, but the items is not listed on the USA site, can I purchase them still?

Currently we only offer the lamp styles that are shown on www.SeedDesignUSA.com. Those lamps are built to be compatible and compliant with N. American standards. For items outside of that offering, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assess the possibility of meeting your needs.


What if I need to send a message regarding a vacation-hold or “do-not-ship before” requirements?

Upon order placement, please specify any special arrangements you require. Our Customer Service team will do our best to assist you in your needs.

How much time do I have to inspect my package for damage?

It is critical that you inspect your order upon receipt of delivery. Any issues must be noted on the BOL paperwork immediately. If there are any issues, please contact us immediately.

What if my order arrives damaged?

If your order arrives with any damages whatsoever, please note the damage on the BOL/receiving paperwork immediately. Any packages that are severely damaged should be rejected. Photo documentation is required for all claims. Please notify us immediately regarding any damages. See our “Freight Claims” section in our Terms and Conditions for more information.

I placed my order. How long until it ships?

Orders are processed within 48 business hours from when we receive your Purchase Order. Typically orders can ship 48 business hours from when you confirm the Sales Order. If an item is on backorder, you will be notified via email within 24 hours of ordering.


When do I get my refund once I have returned an item?

Once we have received, inspected, and approved the item for refund, please allow up to one week for us to process the refund. Keep in mind that due to shipping, inspection, and bank processing times it may take up to 30 days from the date that you return the item for the refund to appear on your card. Please see “Return/Warranty” for more information.

How do I return a product?

Returns can be reviewed within 30 days from the Invoice Date. Please contact us via email for a Return Authorization Number, (RMA#). Units cannot be altered in any way and products must not show any signs of installation attempts/abuse/usage. Any damage from inadequate packing or carrier mishandling is the sole responsibility of the sender. Double-box all returns. Sender must pay for all applicable shipping charges. Original shipping fees are non-refundable.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns on a vast majority of our products, (in new condition and original packaging), within 30 days of receipt of merchandise, unless otherwise noted on the product page. All returns must be approved and will be subject to a 10% restocking fee. Please see “Return/Warranty” for more information.

Do you charge restocking fee?

Upon inspection and acceptance of returned merchandise, SEED Design USA will authorize a credit, minus 10% restocking fee.


What do I do if my product has a problem during the warranty period?

If you experience a problem with any product within the Warranty period, please contact our Customer Service at info@SeedDesignUSA.com. Please see “Return/Warranty” for more information.

Product Related

What kind of Led Bulbs do you use?

Different types of bulbs are specified in SEED Design products.

Bulbs (E12, E26, and G9):
Standard bulbs are compatible with our products base on the lamp screw-in base and Max Wattage requirements. However, we high recommend using alternative LED bulb options which are readily available today. LED bulbs are more energy efficient, generate less heat, and longer life-span. Some common bulbs screw-base Seed uses are E12, E26, G9, and so forth. Like standard bulbs, the LED bulbs are differentiated by the type of screw-in base. For example, an “E” in an E12 bulb refers to an Edison type of screw base. The two digits after the E indicates the diameter of the screw base in millimeters. In this case an E12 bulb has a 12 millimeter screw base diameter. The type of screw-in is listed on the product spec sheet, as well as the lable found on the lamp. Typically for LED bulbs, we recommend ones that remit a warm white light, (CCT around 2700-3000K). The CCT, (Correlated Color Temperature), refers to the color appearance of the light, and the number is defined by the degrees in Kelvin (K).

LED Built-In Module Light Source:
The light efficiency and life are similar to that of LED bulbs, but they are smaller and changeable in shape. Additionally, Built-In LED modules can typically be adjusted with wall dimmer switches, making them a popular options for clients. The Built-In LED light sources used by SEED Design are high-quality LED chips produced by internationally renowned brands with warm light, (2700-3000K), and high color rendering, (CRI>90).

If my LED Bulb is broken, how do I proceed with a replacement?

For lamps with replaceable bulbs, (E26, E12, and G9), simply replace the bulbs ensuring the same type, voltage, and wattage. If it is a Built-In LED module light source, you must contact us. The issue may be with the driver, LED chip, or other such problems. We will determine on a case by case basis what the next steps are.

What is LED CRI?

Color Rendering Index, (CRI), is the measurement of how colors look under a light source when compared with sunlight. The index is measured from 0-100, with a perfect 100 indicating that colors under the light source appear the same as they would under natural sunlight. Typical LEDs have about 80+ CRI, while some manufacturers claim their LEDs have achieved up to 98 CRI. At SEED Design we currently use CRI>90, with new products slated for gradual improvements up to CRI> 95.

Are LED Lights more energy efficient than traditional lights?

According to Energy Star, LEDs are up to 90% more efficient than Incandescent lights. The more lumens, the brighter the light. LED bulbs require much less wattage than standard CFL or Incandescent light bulbs which is why LED bulbs are naturally more energy efficient and longer lasting. This also makes LED bulbs more environmentally friendly.

What Lighting Colors are available in LED?

Most LED fixtures come in a color ranges from warm to cool, or a Kelvin range of 2700K (warm/yellow) to 5700K (cool/white). Typically office setting uses more cool/white, while residential prefers warm/yellow.

Are LED lights okay for interior as well as exterior usage?

LED lights are great for interior and exterior use. LEDs are weather resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. They are usually waterproof as well but the fixture itself may not so please check for instructions for details.

How long do LED lights lasts?

On average, LED lights can last for at least 10 years with regular usage of 15,000-25,000 hours. This is a distinct advantage of LED lighting.

What are the advantages of using LED lights?

LED Lights offer greater design flexibility which allows companies like us to create fantastic looking LED products. Because LED bulbs include an exceptionally longer lifespan at significantly lower energy consumption they are considered extremely energy-efficient than that of Incandescent or Halogen bulbs. LEDs are ecologically sound. They are durable and have almost no UV emissions. They work instantly and can operate under extreme temperature conditions. LEDs contain no mercury and create for a better quality of light. They have reduced maintenance costs and yield higher safety standards.

Can your lamps be used outdoors?

Most of our lamps are not suitable for outdoor use. For select models such as our Castle Wall Sconce, they have been outdoor rated with the IP65 rating, suitable for outdoor usage. This will be clearly listed on the product spec sheet.

What is IP65?

IP65 means LEDs can be used in an outside setting and are water resistant but they are not designed to be completely waterproof nor can they be fully submerged in water.

Do you offer replacement parts for your fixture?

For all current models, we can offer replacement parts as well as detail instructions on how to swap out the parts. However, some parts may be quite difficult to replace without the help from an licensed electrician. For older models, we will be happy to look into this on a case by case basis.

Will SEED Design provide customization to one of your fixtures?

As the designer and manufacturer of our products, we have the ability to customize designs. However, this option typically is only reserved for customers who are looking for a volume order, (e.g. project for hospitality, small commercial jobs, etc). Please contact us if you have inquiries on customization and we will be happy to assess the feasibility for you. Please also expect longer lead times for customized jobs.

Do you offer 3D Max, Sketchup, or Revit files for you fixtures?

We do offer Sketchup files and 3D Max files for most of our fixtures, Sketchup files can be found on the product pages on our website www.SeedDesignUSA.com. Please contact us if you need the 3D Max files. However, we do not offer Revit file format.

Do you offer Photometric File (.ies) for your fixtures?

Currently we do offer Photometric File format on select fixtures. If available, you can find the files listed under respective product pages on our website at www.SeedDesignUSA.com.

Where can I check back plate mounting or canopy mount information for your pendants and wall lamps?

On our product spec sheet, you can see the dimensions of the canopy. As for the back plate connection, please refer to the “Download” Area on our website.

I am interested in your hanging lamps, but I need longer wires than what is listed on the lamp specifications, is that possible?

For non-built-in LED fixtures, simply let us know the wire length you require and we can check into this for you. Typically we can sell you longer wires separately and the wires can be swapped out locally. For LED fixtures, this can be done as well but the process is more complex. Please contact us if you have the requirement for longer wires.


I have a complaint, who should I speak to?

At SEED Design USA, we take pride in our excellent customer service. Should you have any issues or complaints please contact us by email at info@SeedDesignUSA.com. Please allow up to 48 business hours for us to respond.

Cleaning and maintenance

Periodical maintenance will keep your lighting in its optimal appearance and condition.  Below you will find our recommended cleaning instructions pertaining to each respective material:

● Metal

Metal finishes require a bit more TLC and caution. On a regular basis we recommend you use a soft dry cloth or dust fabric to remove dusts and fingerprints. Wipe in the same direction, and if needed, use a gently moist cloth.

● Glass

Regular cleaning of your glass shade will ensure optimal illumination with your fixture. Use a soft cloth to clean your glass. Use either water, or glass cleaning agents if needed, but please ensure your cloth is not too wet and your cleaning chemicals are not sprayed directly onto the glass.

● Concrete

One of the beauties of using Concrete as a material is how low maintenance it is. On a regular basis, use a feather duster or dry fabric to remove excessive dust. Spot clean with a gently damp cloth if needed.

● Copper/Shiny Brass

Every Copper/Shiny Brass product made by us have been subjected to SEED Design’s strict 48hrs salt spray test and quality control inspection standards. Nevertheless some surfaces may still unveil fine lines, spots and/or particles under scrutiny. This is an unavoidable natural phenomenon which occurs during the copper plating process. On a regular basis, wipe surfaces with a the soft cloth provided by SEED Design or any delicate soft cloth will suffice. The cloth may be dry or slightly damp. We recommend you wipe in the direction of concentric circles to maintain the copper gloss state. Do not spray clean products directly onto your fixture as this may permanently damage the surface material.

▲ Attention !!

Do not apply solvents or chemicals, especially abrasive cleaners directly only SEED Design products.