SIRCLE: A Floating Moonlight


SIRCLE, a merged word symbolizes the rules and compromise spoken in the philosophy of the East. Designer Li, Hui Lun creates a series of lighting in pursuit of an art with circle and square, a balance between the fixed and flexible.

Flip out the light balls in different directions, creating various scenarios.  

The mouth-blown glass looks a round tender mind steadily leaning on the square rigid frame, while their arms can be open inside-out of the box. It aims to find a perfect equilibrium in places, like humans looking for a harmonious interaction in daily relationships.

SIRCLE Pendant PH4

Traveling through the opalescent glass, the fine quality light (CRI>90) performs a gentle warm white luminance, serenely spreading all over like a floating moonlight. When the bulb life ends, replacement is easy to be done by removing the glass shade.


SIRCLE Wall Sconce wall lamp can be installed in vertically or horizontally.

SIRCLE was inspired from a simple idea of shapes, and shaped into a poetic design step by step. It is a poem uncompleted with a page for anyone to write in their own way. It could be elegant like a fair lady, or a comedy plays in Saturday night with family. The rules is limited yet the play of life is your imagination.

SIRCLE Pendant PH4

Light Source  G9 4 x 5W LED 2700K CRI90
Size  L 43.9″ x W 5.5″ x H 10″

SIRCLE Pendant S

Light Source   G9 1 x 3W LED 2700K CRI90
Size  L 6.45″ x W 3.94″ x H 11.8″

SIRCLE Pendant L

Light Source   G9 1 x 5W LED 2700K CRI90
Size  L 10″ x W 5.5″ x H 15.7″

SIRCLE Wall Sconce

Light Source   G9 1 x 3W LED 2700K CRI90
Size  L 5.7″ x W 6.45″ x H 11.8″

Designer:Li, Hui Lun